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I am a Shropshire based photographer specialising in macro, and live music.

I started off capturing Shropshire’s stunning landscape when I was out walking with friends. After developing further skills, knowledge and experience, I upgraded my camera, and purchased new specialist lenses.

Although to many (including my Mum), dandelions are seen as weeds, but to me they are fascinating, and full of such detail that you cannot appreciate to the naked eye.

I love live music, and grateful at the opportunity to photograph it. To grasp the emotion, passion, energy, and individualism of the singer/band. I am fortunate to have been able to photograph some amazing local live acts during their tours, and album launches, including M.A.D.I.S.O.N, Jonathan Tarplee, Joe Seager, Two Blank Pages, and Rainbreakers.

I am consistently striving to improve my work in every way, by delivering the highest of standards possible.